I'm Sean and I write <code />

Experienced Full Stack JS and Front End Developer
with a background in design, UX and IA.

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Web Development

I work with different platforms and stacks. At work it's ASP.NET, C#, Backbone, Knockout, Custom JS framework etc... On other projects I've been working with isomorphic Node/Express/React apps which is my current favorite stack. I also really like Ruby, rails and python. I like to write clean, readable, accessible code.

Design & IA

Earlier in my career, I worked as a designer and IA. I understand user experience and interaction design. I enjoy using this knowledge to create better UI's, and to build a better product. Shared language with designers allows me to communicate with them clearly and get the design —near— pixel perfect.


I enjoy collaborating on projects and working on Agile teams. I am mostly experienced with Scrum and Kanban or a varying mix of the two diluted with a steady stream of waterfall.

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  • Design

    I love working with bootstrap and fontawesome and animate.css. I love custom designs too, but depending what you are building this is a really fast way to get markup working and looking great cross browser. I build responsive web apps. The key to great design is consistency and these tools help keep things uniform.

  • CSS and Markup

    Sass is my friend. I don't know how I did anything with CSS before it. Mixins, Variables and partials are so intrenched in my development workflow that I would be very sad without it. I have also worked with Less, but it's not as sweet as SCSS. Otherwise, namespacing CSS is great on large teams, but does cause code duplication in certain instances, but with css post processing and minification I prefer it to trying to debug other features you weren't expecting to break by being too faithful to the cascade.

  • JavaScript

    I've worked with vanilla JavaScript, Jquery - of course, Knockout, Backbone, Marionette, Angular and underscore. I've worked with custom modular frameworks too. I really enjoy Functional Reactive Programming these days and have been experimenting with Elm which is arguably the future of web app development.

responsive devices

Tools and Frameworks

With so many tools and frameworks available it's hard to keep on top of what the ideal workflow should be. I have an affinity for the MEAN stack lately, and have been playing around with Elm and React . I find that MVC/MV* is a good way to keep code segregated and Functional Reactive Programming is a really nice way to code. I favor RESTful API's where the front-end handles the payload as a great way to devleop for multiple platforms.

My Favorite tools and frameworks
  • AngularJS
  • Node.JS
  • MongoDB
  • Express
  • RubyOnRails
  • Ruby
  • Jekyll
responsive devices

Gotta keep learning...

I keep on top of new tools, spend most of my free time learning and experiementing with web teachnologies. I am very interested in networking and experiment with arduinos and raspberry pies too. I try to go to meetups, read JavaScript weekly, have been working with ELM and Functional Reactive Programming and adore Ruby.